It is fairly common for vineyards to set up tours for the general public. This allows wine fans to taste their favourite vintages from the source. At the same time the vineyard can make some supplemental income from ticket sales whilst marketing their products.

Wine fans should order Velo Snus if they want a nicotine product ideal for wine pairing. It is available from the website Northerner. They are discrete and easy to use. Velo Snus is made from a mixture of eucalyptus and pine fibres. It is therefore wise to pick a wine that goes will with these notes.

Enhancing The Experience

Sometimes people want to enhance the tasting experience by adding an extra element. For example, they could taste nicotine before or after they drink the wine. In recent years nicotine pouches have been produced in a wide variety of different flavours. There are ones that work well with red, white or rose wines.