Wine lovers all have their favourites, often a person is a red or a white fan, but not all wines go with all meals. A general rule is red wines go well with red meats, white wine with white meat but what about other foods?

A classic cheese and wine evening opens up a wide range of options, both reds and whites. Gorgonzola is considered best when paired with Port, Camembert with Champagne, Gouda with Merlot and Brie with Chardonnay. Goats cheese is thought to go very well with a Chenin Blanc, a Mozzarella with Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh grapes also go down well!

Shellfish such as crab work really well with the lighter red wines, these include a Pinot Noir or a Grenache. Salmon or Brim pair lovely with a Cava or Champagne.

Sweet desserts such as a cheesecake or vanilla ice cream work really well with a Port or a Sherry. Red wines from ageing barrels are thought to be a lovely accompaniment with chocolate desserts such as chocolate cakes, mousse or chocolate trifle. Anything that contains citrus, lemons or limes works perfectly with a Chardonnay.