Working out which wines are good quality is not as easy as most people think. It is very easy to read reviews and take the recommendations from the wine experts but there are a few things that people can take into consideration when they are doing their own tastings.

The complexity of wine is important. When tasting a wine the more flavours that can be detected gives an idea of how complex the wine is and most experts consider this to be a determining factor in the quality of wine.

Intensity is another determining factor. The flavours can be more easily detected if the wine is more intense, so this factor goes hand in hand with the issue of complexity.

Balance is something else that the taster should consider. This is where the flavours that come through are balanced and have different profiles including fruits, oak notes, vegetables, etc.

The best way to acquire the skills to recognise all of these factors is to practise tasting and to practise it with different types of wines. Attending a wine tasting course is a good start because students are given plenty of tips to help them to develop further.