For many people who spend time touring wine yards all over the world, the point is not simply to try different wines, but to find new wines to add to the wine cellar. For those who want to start a collection, there are a few things that are essential.

The first thing is reasonable storage. A cellar is ideal because it will be cool all year round and have a slightly damp air that will help to keep the wine in good condition. The wines that are chosen to add to the collection should reflect the person collecting them.

Collectors are happy to carry out regular research to find out what is happening at wine yards around the world. This will help them to be certain about the wines they are choosing. Reading critic ratings and finding out more about the history of the wine yard will help. In addition, tasting the wine is a very important step.

Those who want to buy wine as an investment to sell on will need to keep details of how and when wine was purchased, shipped and stored as the ability to prove provenance is important.