You will have to spend some time and energy before you find a person who does not adore wine. This drink serves well with food, is a social drink and it has antioxidants to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Great wine just gets you, and this is the main reason why people from across the world wouldn’t mind visiting engelberg hotel to enjoy a glass or two of wine. However, as with other foods and drinks, there are things you should do and not do when drinking wine. Here are some guidelines you should follow.

Grab Your Wine Glass by the Stem

That design of the wine glass is not just intended to please your eyes. The narrow stem exists for a reason. Never ever hold the bowl of the glass; otherwise, you’ll change the temperature of the wine and smear fingermarks on the surface of the glass. As you know Champagne and white wine are best served chilled, and you don’t want to warm up your red wine unless it’s extremely cold.

Don’t Swirl Your Glass Hard to Volatize the Scents

If you’re a wine connoisseur, otherwise known as oenophilesby wine lovers, it’s undisputed that you swirl your wine glass several times to arouse the scents, appreciate the smell and experience the real flavor. Funny enough, swirling does not imply that you spin the glass as if you want to break it. You’ll end up spilling the wine and messing up everything that sits close. Be sure to twirl the glass gently to achieve the useful purposes of swirling and at the same time avoid spilling the wine.

Don’t Fill Your Glass to the Brim

Undeniably, you love that particular wine flavor, you bought it with hard-earned money, and wouldn’t mind overfilling your glass and sipping down a few glasses after a tiring day at work. However, this does not give the freedom to misbehave. If you’re truly devoted to wine, you should be the first person to know that drinking wine comes with its own rules. It’s classy to fill half the glass and refill as you desire once you empty the glass. An overfilled glass will deny you the chance to smell and appreciate the unique aromas. Also, you may spill the wine, which may dirty up the environment or infuriate your friends.

Some More Guidelines

Don’t store wine in the sunlight or in any other hot place. Remember that the labels “classic” and “reserve” on wines made in the USA have great significance, so don’t assume the words. Never assume that a vintage date or a cork on the bottle guarantees good quality. Lastly, twist the champagne cork slowly before pulling it off. Don’t pop it.