Many people are opting to visit wine yards on their holidays to learn more about their favourite tipple, as a nice relaxing excursion, or just to sample the local fare. To get the most out of the visit then there are several hints and tips to adhere too.

  • Have a designated driver. The chances are a lot of wine will be consumed, albeit in small doses, hiring a car with a driver or have one of the group abstain from tasting is the best way to stay safe on the way back home. There may be more than one wine yard visit planned the same day and as they tend to be spread far apart, transport is essential.
  • Try visiting the smaller, independent wine yards rather than the larger commercial ones. The wine will be just as good, but there will be less visitors to contend with, it makes asking questions easier and it will feel like a more peaceful relaxing visit.
  • It is not always possibly to go without children, and they will always be made welcome. Children tend to get bored easily so ensure they have enough to entertain them, colouring books often work well.