A vineyard scheme is an attractive style to bring together the interior décor of the different areas in your house. Even a hallway can be a perfect backdrop for wine-country style to please grape connoisseurs who visit you often. There are plenty of choices to reflect this laid-back yet luxurious lifestyle, from wine yard gallery walls and grapevine wallpapers to framed wineglass photos. Suppose you are a wine enthusiast or looking for an elegant and welcoming scheme. In that case, these brilliant ideas might fit your interior design.

Bold Vine-Inspired Frames

If you love grapevines, there are numerous color palettes for your picture frames ranging from burgundy, purple, marsala, merlot, maroon, peach, gold, and blush to greenery. Find some high-quality poster frames at Desenio in black, white, or silver. These three combinations are a classic winner no matter where and how you pair them. Desenio offers wooden frames in white, black, light wood, and untreated wood. You can also try high-gloss metal frames in a copper, silver, or gold finish to match other wine-themed items in the house. If you are happy with the frame layout, determine whether it should contrast, blend in with the walls, or stand out independently. You can even collect different formats and sizes in the same color to add interest.

Wine Yard Storage Ideas

A crucial element of vineyard kitchen décor is wine-themed storage. Consider adding wine racks, a group of wine bottles, grape baskets, bowls, and jars. Use wine bottles as flower vases or containers for holding olive oil. Don’t forget to display decanters and carafes on open kitchen cabinets. For bolder silhouettes, store fruits in wine barrels and place artificial vines around the windows. Synthetic options are easier to maintain because you don’t have to worry about watering and sunlight.

Vineyard Gallery Walls

Galleries are curated exhibits of posters, prints, and photographs on a wall courtesy of photo frames. Buy gallery walls from Desenio to update your living room’s focal point or change blank walls into exciting spaces. Rather than painting or adding wallpapers, use a wine yard gallery wall anywhere, e.g., up the stairs or in the hallways. If you have photographs of beautiful grapevines, buy the right frames at Desenio to hang on the kitchen, bedroom, or living room walls. You might also like a set of prints from your favorite winemaker and hang them on the wall. Perhaps you want to display special moments when you had a wine toast at a wedding or birthday party. Then you have an opportunity to build the perfect gallery wall for a wine-themed interior.

If you want to cover several rooms with a vineyard theme, you may repeat the décor features to bring the look together. Create a cohesive look rather than a forced design. For instance, put smaller framed pictures of grapes in each room and hallway, but make sure the frames differ in style, size, and color.

If you’ve been procrastinating on creating a vineyard interior décor, now you have enough inspiration to get started. Designing wine-themed gallery walls doesn’t have to be complicated. Experiment with prints, patterns, and colors, and bring your pieces together to display your personality.