Nowadays, wine is big business and drinking what was once thought of as an exotic tipple is now more popular than ever. We all like to believe that we are somewhat of an expert in Pinot Grigios, Rieslings or Merlots. However, this knowledge is often based on the local supermarket or wine bar’s limited selection. Why not try a visit to a vineyard and experience the thrill of observing the whole winemaking process from start to finish? You can choose a specific wine tasting event or a more specialised tour where you will learn more about what goes into making your favourite beverage. Most countries now produce their own wine, and a quick check of the internet will show you where you can locate the best areas to visit. Why not take your hobby one step further and organise wine tasting sessions in your own home? As a lover of wine, what better than creating a room or space in your home that is dedicated to wine? It is here that can help you with your choice of wall decor.

Why Consider Dear Sam?

Dear Sam offers a wide selection of posters and frames designed to adorn the walls of even the most discerning homeowner. No matter what your particular interest is, you are sure to find suitable wall art that will suit your specific tastes. Dear Sam offers themed products covering everything from abstract, architecture, kids, people and portraits through to Art Deco, music, nature and fashion. Whatever style you choose for your home wine tasting events, then you can be assured that this company will have a suitable product.

As well as posters, Dear Sam offers a vast array of custom-built frames to perfectly complement your contemporary wall art. The frames are available in many finishes to ensure they match your existing decor. These include:

  • Siver and gold frames
  • Black metal frames
  • Oak frames
  • White wooden frames
  • Passpartout
  • Post hangers

A wide choice of colours provides the perfect accompaniment to your wall posters. Some of their designs feature wine-themed subjects such as Champagne regions, Italian wine regions, Bordeaux regions and many more. After your vineyard visit, you can enjoy a glass of wine in your own unique surroundings as well as hosting family and friends to wine-themed events.


There are numerous vineyards to visit, and you can even book a wine-tasting tour taking in several different places. These trips can be local or abroad, and each visit will enhance your knowledge of the winemaking process. Who knows, your hobby could turn into a permanent position such as a sommelier, or you could even end up opening your very own wine bar. Check out Dear Sam for some inspirational posters for your new ventures.