If you run a wine yard (or vineyard as they are also known) then you will likely be offering wine tasting to your potential customers. If not, you really should consider it because it is an excellent marketing strategy and is sure to increase business greatly.

The premise is simple, offer customers somewhere to sit and enjoy a small sample (shot glass sized) of each of the wines on offer. they choose their favorites and they buy a bottle of each one they like (or a few of each if they really like them).

Creating a comfortable space

The first thing you should be thinking about is creating a space for your customers to sit and enjoy the wines on offer. Tables and chairs are, of course, a must have, but also consider soft seating like couches and armchairs. You could even create a space that looks like a living room, complete with coffee table and book shelves. The smart thing to do would also be to use removable and machine washable covers like those from Bemz that come in a range of colours and fabrics.

The sofa covers from Bemz are a good idea because it means you can easily change the color scheme of your seating space without having to go to the expense of buying a new set of seating. There are a range of covers to suit a variety of budgets and tastes, and if you look on the Bemz website you will see there are also a range of accessories so you can customise your suite. You can change the legs and add matching or contrasting cushion covers, potentially making your suite a one of a kind item.

Encouraging customers

Making a space that is warm and welcoming will encourage people to come in and sample your product. Not many people attend a tasting at a wine yard and walks away without buying. This means you are increasing your customer base. If your wine yard is welcoming to customers then that means they are highly likely to return and tell their friends about you, so you gain additional business by word-of-mouth promotion.