Wine dates back to more than 6000 BC as a grape-based beverage, with the earliest known winery established in Armenia. It is a drink that has a long history to it. Today, there are numerous varieties of wine that are produced in many different parts of the world.

Wines of the World

The first thought for many when choosing the best wine is to consider those that come from France. But, now it is being discovered that exquisite wines are being produced in vineyards that are located in the United States, Italy and Australia just to name a few.

Enjoying Wine at its Best

There are many different settings where wine can be consumed, and it is always enjoyable. But one that is close to the top of the list is to drink at home. After a long day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than to be able to sit in the living room and enjoy this delicious beverage. What makes this experience even more pleasant, is when the decor in this room is clean and pristine. This is quickly done by using accessories like the ikea ektorp sofa cover that make a worn piece of furniture appear as new again. When sitting in a calm atmosphere, enjoying a glass of fine wine, it can be wonderfully refreshing.

Tips for Wine Drinking

There are right and wrong ways of enjoying wine, according to the experts. Specific glasses should be used as the vessel for the wine. Also, there is a proper way of pouring and even a particular way to drink it.

Choosing Wine Glasses

There is actually scientific proof coming forward, that the style of the glass can affect the wine itself. Apparently, the particular shape affects the density and the way the vapors of the wine are positioned in the glass. This makes sense as to why there are so many different versions of wine glasses, and it is not just because of personal preference.

Pouring Wine

There are several different versions as to how wine should be poured. Some experts believe that only a small amount should be poured first for the purposes of tasting. If this is a bottle of wine that is familiar, then this step won’t be necessary. Another tip the experts give is to pour the wine into the glass in a clockwise direction. The type of wine also dictates how it should be poured. For example, sparkling wine should be poured in a trickle to avoid too much stimulation for the bubbles.

These are just a few suggestions as to how a wine lover can get the most from their drinking experience.