A trip to a wine yard, or vineyard as they are often referred to, is a day out that you will never forget. There are even some vineyards where you can stay for part of your vacation as they offer accommodation and catering. These are beautiful rural retreats and you are sure to have a great time but here are a few tips for those who want to add a trip like this to the itinerary.

Dress casual

While there is a certain amount of romanticism to a trip to a wine yard, designer clothes are not the right choice. No matter where the vineyard is, the sun is sure to be shining. Why not opt for light and loose clothing such as linen or cotton dresses? You also need to make sure that you wear comfortable shoes – some vineyards will take you on a tour of the estate and that means a lot of walking.

Take care

That strong sun also means that you need to think about your skincare regime. Sun damage can be very aging and the last thing you need is to return from your vacation with more wrinkles than you started with! A good retinol night cream will help to soften the effect of any damage done by the sun during the day. The retinol night cream and other retinol products are designed to keep the signs of aging at bay. Keeping a regular care routine morning and night will help to keep the skin glowing.

Learn how to taste wine

It may seem really obvious, but if you go to a vineyard the last thing you need is to be drunk after a couple of small glasses of wine. The way to taste is to sip and spit, which may sound disgusting but it is the way it is done. This way you get to taste the wine and pick out the flavors but you won’t have the intoxicating impact of several glasses of wine. In some places it would be considered to be rude to refuse a sample of wine, this way you don’t have to worry about offending anyone and after using retinol night cream, you can look good doing it.`

Book accommodation

Accommodation at a wine yard could be anything from a B&B room to a villa. In some cases the estates are so vast that you will need to take more than one day for a proper tour anyway. Ask if they will include wine tasting sessions as part of the package and look at what else they offer – some will do cookery classes or similar.

A trip to a vineyard is one that is sure to make your vacation special so take a look in the local area that you’re travelling to and book in as soon as you can.